Vicky is a traditionalist who has old-fashioned opinions about how futa should treat their males. Will hold doors for you, and pay for everything, because a male’s place is in the kitchen and the bedroom.


Suni is a progressive college hipster majoring in gender studies, and she believes that every male should choose when and how they become bound. Currently in an open relationship with her girlfriend, but she’s got room for one more. Also has a stalker, but that probably won’t come up.


Rye is a garbage rapist with a DEEPLY buried heart.


Stern and austere, Demetria is the head of the Imperial Temple.


Claudia is a dedicated officer in the MREA. She cares deeply for the welfare of unbound males, and as your childhood friend she has a particularly strong in terest in you.

Mallory is a devout follower of the Temple’s teachings. She believes strongly in a futa’s role to sheperd her male. However her goals seem to reach far beyond her current grasp.

Wallis is a hard, jaded military veteran with a very, very dark past. Her future is as uncertain as her view of the Empire.

Sally is kind of heart and ridiculously strong of body. Terrifyingly even. She could easily make a living off of her muscles, but her creative spirit pulls her in another direction.